Tuesday, July 14, 2015

This Quilt is a Winner! At The Calgary Stampede

The City of Calgary comes alive every July during Stampede Week.  Everyone from the oldest to the youngest get involved - from dressing up in western attire to attending one of the many free Stampede Breakfasts located in and around the city. Our fun started with the Stampede Parade the kickoff for the weeks festivities..

A few days later we headed to The Calgary Stampede itself.  Now what does this have to do with quilting you may ask.  Well every year there is a Calgary Stampede Art Show featuring western crafts and a Creative Arts and Crafts Competition.  One of the categories in the competition is quilting. We have some very talented quilter's here in Alberta so it is one the stampede highlights for me.

I was pleasantly surprised when I came to the display below.  The blue and turquoise quilt in the bottom right hand corner is one I quilted for a very talented customer of mine.

She did an amazing job on this Fire Island Hosta Quilt the being from pattern by Judy Niemeyer.  I have to say I really had a great time do the quilting.  Keep an eye out for my next post it will be on the quilting of this masterpiece.

Then to finish off the day we attended the Grandstand Show which was spectacular and ended with an amazing display of fireworks.  What a great week!

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