Longarm Quilting Services

Quilting Services

Edge to Edge     $0.025  per square inch
A pattern quilted repeatedly over the entire quilt top.  Most patterns are $0.02 per square inch but the more dense patterns will be $0.025 per square inch.

Edge to Edge with Separate Borders     $0.03  per square inch
Choose a border pattern to be quilted in the border and the rest of the quilt will be quilted with an edge to edge design of your choice.

Custom Quilting     $0.04 - $0.06  per square inch
You may choose one or several patterns to fit into different areas of your quilt, for example, border, sashing or block patterns.  You may want to choose from computerized quilting patterns, free motion quilting or a combination of the two.  Your imagination is the limit.

Other Services

Piecing the Backing     $15.00
Need help piecing your backing fabric? I can do that.  This will include squaring up the fabric, cutting and sewing one horizontal 1/2 inch seam.

Making Binding     $25.00
This will include cutting, piecing and ironing the binding so it is ready to be applied to the quilt.

Applying Binding    $0.25  per square inch
Binding machine sewn to the front and back of the quilt.

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