Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bear Face

This quilt brings a smile to my face every time I see it.  My little granddaughter took quite a liking to it.  She just had to see it every time she came to visit and in toddler fashion she would stand there and roar at it.  Soooo adorable!

Bear Face as this quilt is called was made by one of my customers as a gift for her daughter to hang in their cabin over her bed.  Being in bear country I thought that was appropriate and I'm sure it looks stunning hanging up in the master bedroom.

When I am quilting I like to choose stitching that complements the feel of the quilt and what it is going to be used for.  I wanted to make the bear look real and come alive.  Sometimes I even like to do a little quilt drawing in my work.  Can you see the how I added some padding in the bears paw?

I choose to do a lot of hair angling it all in towards the center of the face.  When choosing thread it is important to think about the effect you want.  I wanted the definition of the quilting to stand out and not the thread so I choose threads that matched each of the fabrics.  This way the quilting adds to the character of the bear and doesn't take attention away from the majesty of the bear's face.

In keeping with a nature theme and to add some variety to the quilting I quilted pebbling in and around the bear.  Again switching thread colours to match the variety of fabrics.

As bears live in wild wooded areas a tree bark pattern just seemed to be the perfect choice to quilt in
the border.  Framing the quilt this way helps to give it more of an outdoorsy feel.  Bear Face was so fun to quilt.  I am so pleased at the way the quilting turned out and am very happy to say that my customer loved it!!!   In case you are looking for this pattern it is Bear Face by Janet Fogg

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