Friday, January 29, 2016

Beautiful Bright Batiks

I've always loved bright colours and the blues, pinks, purples and oranges in this quilt are some of my favorites.  Having this quilt on my frame was like adding sunshine to my studio on a dark winter's day.

The contrast of colour with the black squares is stunning and really sets this quilt apart from others giving a bit of a modern feel.  I have to say my favorite part is the black sashing coupled with the richness of the orange inner border and the depth of the blue and teal outer border.

My customer wanted her quilt quilted using a circular pattern to contrast all of the squares and straight lines and add to the modern look.  The Swirls pattern worked perfectly to help accomplish this.

If you look closely at the quality of the stitching you'll see it has great tension and is perfectly regulated.  The verigated blue cotton thread blends well with all of the colours on the top of the quilt and stands out stunningly on the back.

The back of the quilt has some character of it's own with a pattern that the quilter created herself.  A fun blue strip down the length of the quilt and multi coloured strip across the top.  It is always fun to see people's creativity.

This quilt pattern is perfect for showcasing all of these beautiful bright batik fabrics.  This quilt is going to look amazing on someones bed.

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